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Our Services

Below are example of the types of services provided by CONNECT Community Paramedics

Medical Care Coordination

  • Assess past medical history
  • Perform in-home medication reconciliation
  • Coordinate care plan with primary care providers, specialists and hospital
  • Collaborate with home nursing and care managers to avoid duplicative services
  • Accompany patients to provider visits

Mental Health Coordination

  • Assess past mental health history
  • Arrange for mental health support
  • Accompany patient to provider visits
  • Integrate mental and physical health care plans

Social Support

  • Assess for social isolation
  • Asses for challenges with activities of daily living
  • Coordinate care with social service agencies
  • Provide stop-gap support until sustainable support is in place

Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)

  • Assess housing, utilities, transportation, food security, income and other SDoH needs
  • Coordinate care with friends and family, county agencies and charitable organizations
  • Navigate patients to programs able to provide support
  • Advocate for patients who need intensive support